(Book 3 of The Widdershins Trilogy)

Revisit a world of fear and superstition in Helen Steadman's Solstice.
Seventeenth-century England. In a world where witches are still feared and witch trials are commonplace, Rose Driver faces a terrifying prospect: the witch hunter is back.
When a new vicar arrives to take over the parish of Mutton Clog, the village finds itself in the grip of Puritan fever, and suspicious eyes are turned on Rose.
This innocent shepherdess lives in the shadow of the atrocities committed by witchfinder John Sharpe, who put her mother, brother and grandmother to death almost quarter of a century ago.
With her family gone, will Rose be able to protect herself from accusations of witchcraft? Find out in Solstice, the powerful conclusion to the trilogy.
The Widdershins Trilogy was inspired by the little-known Newcastle witch trials, where fifteen women and one man were executed on a single day in August 1650.
If you enjoyed The Crucible by Arthur Miller, you’ll love this suspenseful historical novel of love, courage and sacrifice.

Review by the Historical Novel Society

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